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Iran denies firing rockets from Syria at Israel

May 11, 2018 at 11:14 am

Deputy Chairman of Iran National Security Committee, Abu Al-Fadl Hassan Beghi [Twitter]

Iran had nothing to do with missiles fired at Israel late on Wednesday night, a senior official from Tehran said.

“Iran has nothing to do with the missiles fired yesterday [Wednesday] against the enemy,” Deputy Chairman of Iran National Security Committee, Abu Al-Fadl Hassan Beghi, told Russian news agency Sputnik. “If Iran had done it, we would have announced it immediately.”

“When Daesh attacked us and we decided to respond, we carried out a rocket attack against the organisation’s sites in Deir Ez-Zor and we immediately announced it,” Beghi said.

Remarking on the Israeli accusations that Iran fired the rockets against Israeli army positions in the occupied Syrian Golan Heights, he said that “Iran has no military presence or bases in Syria … The Syrian regime carried out the attack yesterday in response to the repeated attacks against it.”

Lieberman: Israel destroyed ‘nearly all’ Iran infrastructure in Syria

Iranian Al-Alam news channel reported an army source as saying that “the Syrian army fired more than 50 rockets from inside Syria against the occupation sites in the occupied Golan while the Lebanese army announced that four Israeli planes violated Lebanese airspace in line.”

It quoted Syrian military sources as saying that “the rockets fired from Syria has hit sensitive and important Israeli military targets inside Israel, adding that the Iron Dome system failed to intercept dozens of rockets that targeted four Israeli military compounds.

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