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The disgraceful celebration in the square of the revolution on the banks of the Nile

Israel's Ambassador to Egypt David Govrin at the celebration of the 70th anniversary of Israel’s founding at Nile Ritz Carlton hotel in Cairo, 8 May 2018 [Israel Foreign Ministry/Twitter]
Israel's Ambassador to Egypt David Govrin at the celebration of the 70th anniversary of Israel’s founding at Nile Ritz Carlton hotel in Cairo, 8 May 2018 [Israel Foreign Ministry/Twitter]

Israel held a big celebration in the Egyptian capital Cairo before the eyes and ears of the Egyptian government. The celebration was under the auspices of the security authorities, which sponsored the celebration and opened the invitation to the public. This was a celebration commemorating the 70th anniversary of the state of Israel! This is the same day of the Arab Nakba, when Israel raided the Palestinian territories, expelled its people, and established their so-called state. The celebration was held in the heart of Cairo, in a hotel located in Tahrir Square, the square that witnessed the greatest revolution in Egypt’s history, the January 25th Revolution. The hotel overlooks the Nile and is located next to the Arab League building, inaugurated in 1960 by the late President Gamal Abdel Nasser, who was opposed to Israel. The last Arab summit meetings during his rule in September 1970, which he had called for after the unfortunate Black September events between the PLO and Jordan, witnessed reconciliation between the two sides. This occurred in the last hours of Abdel Nasser’s life, as he died shortly after. In addition to this, the celebration was held just a few feet away from the statue of the martyr, General Abdul Munim Riad, who died in a war against the Israeli enemy.

Isn’t all of this considered a blatant provocation and disregard of the Egyptian people’s emotions and feelings and a great offence and dishonour to their martyrs, who sacrificed their lives to liberate their land from this usurping enemy?

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The Israeli ambassador thanked the Egyptian authorities and security services for allowing the celebration to be held in Cairo for the first time. It is only natural for him to thank Al-Sisi’s authorities, as they have given them more than they had ever dreamt of or aspired to. Israel managed to reach the heart of the capital, on the banks of the Nile, where they see their state extending from the Nile to the Euphrates. They are now closer to achieving it, if they haven’t already achieved it, as the achievement of this does not require the invasion of these countries with armies and bringing in Zionists to live there. Instead, the idea of this state is to have Zionists rule these countries by means of their agents and to invade these countries ideologically, doctrinally and economically, as well as control their resources, abilities, decisions and strategic positions, and this is indeed what has happened.

Sisi and Netanyahu meet in New York 18 September 2017 [thenewkhalij]

Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu (L), President of Egypt Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi (R) and Egyptian Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry in New York, US [The New Khalij]

Indeed, many Arab Zionists have invaded the fields of politics, culture, education, media and economy and increased the partnership between the Arab countries and Israel, unfortunately by means of treacherous Arabs. This is what prompted the Israeli ambassador to frankly say: “We take note of the change in Arab countries’ treatment of Israel, which is no longer considered an enemy, but a partner in shaping a new and better reality in the region. A reality that is based on stability and economic growth. We have to broaden this partnership to additional states in order to advance common interests and in order to combat states and terror organisations, that are acting under Iran’s inspiration.”

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We were not wrong when we said, from the first moment of the July 2013 coup in Egypt, that this was organised by Israel and funded by Saudi Arabia and the UAE, and that the party most upset by the Arab Spring revolutions was Israel. The events of today are showing us the truth of our words and visions. Comparing the two following scenes speaks for itself: the first is during the January Revolution, when the Israeli embassy in Cairo was besieged, its flag was taken down, it was forced to close and its staff was forced to leave the country. One of the young revolutionaries climbed up to the 19th floor of the tower overlooking the Nile, where the embassy is located, and took down the flag, which was an image that stunned the world and was applauded by the Egyptians.

The second scene is Israel’s celebration of its so-called “Independence Day”, which is the anniversary of its occupation of Palestine. This celebration was under the sponsorship and participation of the Egyptian government, as well as its diplomatic, political and media figures in the heart of Tahrir Square, the symbol of the January Revolution!

If allowing the celebration to be held in Egypt and it being attended by prominent figures is not considered a betrayal of our country and religion, then what is? Please enlighten us! This is not considered to be blatant normalisation, but rather flagrant treachery that will go down in history. This is a clear and explicit approval of Jerusalem becoming the capital of Israel; what a shame!

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