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Oman: Patience with our neighbours running out

Deputy Chairman of the Public Authority for Craft Industries of Oman Issam Bin Ali Al-Rawas warned that his country's patience with its neighbours is waning in reference to the United Arab Emirates which has recently targeted the Sultanate with attempts to falsify Omani history.

"The Sultan of Oman, Qaboos Bin Said, has documents which if he decided to reveal we will not need all this uproar, but he is practicing the policy of calm internally and externally," he told the local Al-Wisal radio station.

"Sultan Qaboos does not want to offend anyone, because he is confident of himself and knows his country's history well."

Last month, media disputes erupted between Oman and the UAE, after Abu Dhabi organised a seminar claiming the late Umayyad ruler of Khorasan, Muhallab ibn Abi Safra was of Emirati decent although history proves he is Omani.

Earlier in January, the Emirati authorities presented a map at the new Louvre Museum in Abu Dhabi which included the Omani province of Musandam within its border.

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