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Jewish settlers throw rocks at Israeli forces during outpost evacuation, injure 8

June 12, 2018 at 5:35 pm

File photo

Jewish settlers attacked Israeli forces in the West Bank outpost of Netiv Ha’avot on Tuesday, as authorities prepare for the razing of 15 buildings in line with a Supreme Court order.

According to The Times of Israel, at least eight Israeli police officers were injured during the attempt to remove settlers from the last of 15 houses slated for demolition.

Some 200 settler youth “barricaded themselves inside” the structure, as well as “on the roof”, using “wire fencing, planks of wood and boulders” to obstruct police entry.

A medic on the scene told The Times of Israel that eight officers were injured, including two who were hospitalised.

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“Police said they were violently attacked by the protesters, who hurled rocks, bottles, paintballs and other objects”, the report continued.

One photo distributed by the Israeli authorities showed a police officer who had sustained a bloody head wound after being struck by a rock.

“Dozens of demonstrators on the roof of the building also harassed police and threw paint and water on them”, the article added, noting that “a number of the protesters on the roof were also seen carrying cement blocks and glass bottles”.

According to The Times of Israel, “the demolition of the homes will take place on Thursday”. Israeli authorities were forced to deploy 2,500 Border Police officers to conduct the evacuation.