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Jordan starts austerity drive to cut government spending

Jordanians gather around government buildings to protest tax bill

Jordan has launched new austerity measures as a first step to decreasing its budget deficit, Al Jazeera reported yesterday.

Officials hope the steps will reduce government spending by 150 million dinars ($211 million) this year, according to an announcement made by the newly appointed Prime Minister Omar Al-Razzaz.

In a statement, the government agreed not to buy cars, furniture or any other accessories except when there is an urgent need and after a permission from the prime minister.

The government also limited the number of diplomats send on international missions to not more than three people.

Jordan spent 2.8 billion dinars (£3.9 billion) in the first four months of this year, Al Jazeera reported, compared to 2.5 billion dinars ($3.5 billion) during the same period last year.

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