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Algeria under European pressures to set up African migrant refuges

July 5, 2018 at 3:31 am

African Migrants in Algeria

A founding member of Rachad Movement and former diplomat, Mohamed Larbi Zitout, said that “the Algerian regime will European demands to establish a centre for African migrant refugees. The immigration issue became a matter of life or death for all political parties in Europe.”

Zitout stated in an interview with Quds Press International News Agency today that “in recent months, Algeria has received security officials from various European countries, particularly from France, Italy, Spain and Germany, as well as the United States. In all cases the issue of migrants and the war on terrorism were at the forefront of their concerns.”

The former diplomat expressed his regret that “the Algerian regime is fragile and does not have the power to stand in the face of European pressure. We have to know that the Algerian regime is not a unified bloc. Moreover, Algeria is heading in the upcoming presidential elections with a mummified candidate, who cannot move or speak.”

Zitout pointed out that “in contrast, European countries have a lot of tools at their disposal, the least of which is the issue of visas, not only for Algerian nationals, but also for Algerian officials with diplomatic passports and visa free access to France. It is sufficient for the French government to suspend this agreement and the Algerian regime will undoubtedly accept the European demands.

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He added: “In this respect, I do not think that the Algerian regime has a choice concerning the matter of accepting the European demands to establish hosting refugees for African migrants wishing to cross into Europe.”

The former official commented on the security and social repercussions created by the migration file in Algeria saying: “There have been many security problems which developed in some instances to homicides between African migrants and Algerians. As such, the Algerian government holds the greatest share of responsibility, due to a lack of seriousness when addressing the issue.”

He claimed that “the government did not fulfil its duties towards African migrants through finding temporary shelters or providing job opportunities for them in order to preserve their humanity and dignity. What is happening now is the result of unwise administration.”

While stressing the “responsibility of European countries for the suffering and backwardness of Africans, in addition to the rule of dictatorial regimes in their countries because of a long history of colonialism,” Zitout expressed his remorse that the Algerian regime will eventually accept the European pressure on the issue of migrants.

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El-Khabar newspaper exposed, Wednesday, what was described as “a war fought by Europe against Algeria on the issue of illegal migrants.”

The newspaper said that “Algeria has been forced to become an area of ​​resettling and stabilizing tens of thousands of African migrants, despite the deportations carried out by the authorities for more than five years.”