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Jews assault Palestinian teens in Jerusalem, police arrest boy’s brother

October 11, 2018 at 12:06 pm

Israeli occupation forces arrest a Palestinian in Jerusalem on 9 December 2017 [Salih Zeki Fazlıoğlu/Anadolu Agency]

“Two Palestinian boys aged 16 and 18 were assaulted in Jerusalem on Wednesday by Jews believed to belong to a sect of the Bratslav Hasids”, reported Haaretz. However, when police arrived at the scene, they “arrested a Palestinian who had called for help rather than any of the Jewish suspects”.

According to the article, “the youths who were hurt on Wednesday said that they had been walking down the street when a number of youths cursed at them and yelled at them to go away. When they tried to leave they were smacked and kicked.”

“A Haredi adult helped extricate the youths from the area,” Haaretz noted.

After the two boys phoned Kamal Jabarin, “a youth counsellor for the city and brother of one of the assaulted teens,” Jabarin “tried to help get them out of the area, but the assailants followed close behind, shouting curses at them.”

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Jabarin then phoned the police, but when commando forces arrived on the scene, they “shouted at the victims that they shouldn’t have been in the area and ordered a medic to cancel a call for an ambulance”.

When Jabarin “intervened to ask why the ambulance call was cancelled, the policemen ordered him placed under arrest.”

“He asked why should they even be there and began to humiliate us,” Jabarin said. “I told him why are you taking the responsibility of cancelling the ambulance, and then he pushed me up against the wall, and handcuffed me saying I was under arrest for attacking a police officer.”

Haaretz noted that “Jabarin was held for four hours and a case was opened against him alleging he had interfered with police work, despite the fact that he had been the one to call them to the scene.”

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