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Macron: Israel occupation endangers peace prospects

French president, Emmanuel Macron (R) and Israeli President Reuven Rivlin, in Paris during a joint conference on 23 January, 2019 [Anadolu Agency]

French president on Wednesday said a possible solution between Israel and Palestine was in danger due to growing Israeli occupation, reports Anadolu Agency.

Emmanuel Macron said in a joint news conference with his Israeli counterpart Reuven Rivlin, following their meeting in Paris:

With the gradual increase of the occupation [by Israel], a solution [between Palestine and Israel] is being endangered and it feeds violence.


Macron said he discussed with the Israeli president security issues and that he didn't share the same perspective with Israelis regarding the nuclear deal with Iran.

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However, he noted that the security of Israel was among the important topics on France's agenda.

"Dialogue with Israel should be maintained to gain more control over Iran's ballistic activities," he said.

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He emphasized that a solution to the ongoing Syria crisis should be found under the auspices of the UN.

Rivlin, for his part, said that Iran's ballistic activities posed a regional threat and that stability in the Middle East was of huge importance for Israel.

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