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Libya: Haftar forces announce no-fly zone in south

Commander of the Libyan national army and Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar [smmlibya/Twitter]
General Khalifa Haftar [smmlibya/Twitter]

Libyan forces loyal to Commander Khalifa Haftar have imposed a no-fly zone in the south of Libya, which was seized a couple of days ago.

A statement posted on a Facebook page called the “Military Information Division” said that Haftar’s forces would down any plane which enters the skies of the southern territories without prior permission, Arabi 21 reported yesterday. The statement added that any plane which did not follow these orders would become a target.

According to the statement, the area – which was recently seized by Haftar forces – has been declared a military operation zone until further notice.

Prior to this measure, the National Libyan Oil Institution had called on all Libyan factions to avoid escalation in Al-Sharara Oil Field, which is the largest in the country. The institution said that the fields would not resume normal operations until security was achieved in the area, noting that this is a precautionary measure for the safety of the institution’s workers.

Source: Clashes in southern Libya leave 4 people dead

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