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Palestinian prisoners: Israel is burning us and killing us

February 28, 2019 at 2:18 pm

Israeli forces make Palestinian prisoners line up in their cell [Palestine Info Center/Twitter]

Palestinian prisoners have said Israel’s prison administration has installed jamming devices at a ward in the Ktz’iot Prison causing Palestinian prisoners to suffer from severe headaches.

Seven jamming devices have been placed in Division 3 of the prison and a further eight were installed in Division 4 on top of the prisoners’ cells. The devices produce powerful radiation and stop radio and television signals from penetrating in to the area.

Palestinian prisoners also had their possessions burnt in front of them by occupation forces who govern the prison after their cells were raided.

As a result, prisoners refused to complete their daily tasks including cleaning the units.

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The Palestinian Prisoners’ Movement warned that the occupation is trying to “burn us and kill us through the devices, and we will stand up against them at any cost”.

The movement said: “The occupying state’s threats to attack us do not frighten us, and their iron hand will be met by a determination as strong as the mountains and as hard as steel. Their attacks on our endeavour will make our will stronger, and the enemy will see from our steadfastness that its threat does not frighten us or deter us from rejecting its tyranny.”

“If it is necessary to die, we will choose to die in the way cherished by freemen. The occupation exerts all forms of criminality and abuse against us, including depriving thousands of prisoners of family visitation right for years, in a clear violation of all international laws and human norms.”

Located in the Naqab (Negev) desert, Ktz’iot is the largest detention centre in the world.

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