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Iraq parliament to question electricity minister over corruption claims

The Iraqi parliament is planning to question Minister of Electricity, Louay Al-Khateeb, over suspected corruption charges and lack of planning for the summer season in a number of departments.

Al-Khateeb recently announced a ten-year plan to improve electricity production in Iraq.

MP Sadiq Al-Sulaiti of Sairoon bloc said Saturday that three files had been referred to the Commission of Integrity for investigation concerning the General Directorate of Electricity Transmission in the central region. Adding that the body is responsible for wasting public money by causing damages to a power generator in Baghdad.

According to Al-Sulaiti the directorate purchased unsuitable oil to power the generator at an estimated cost of one billion dinars ($837,408), and this damaged the generator.

He called on the electricity minister and other regulatory bodies to take the necessary measures and prevent fraud.

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