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Hamas: Lebanon’s policies forcing Palestine refugees out

Palestinian children play outside their home in a Palestinian refugee camp in Beirut, in Lebanon [Mohammed Asad/Apaimages]

Hamas’ Office of Refugee Affairs said that restrictions imposed on Palestinian refugees in Lebanon and Syria have meant their numbers have forced them to flee.

In its sixth annual report on Palestinian refugees who fled the war in Syria to Lebanon, the office said that lack of food, health care and shelter as well as the costs of correcting the refugees’ legal situation, the spread of unemployment and the reduced relief have played a key role in reducing the Palestinian refugees’ numbers in both countries.

The report noted that last year saw a significant decline in the number of Palestinian refugees by about 18,000 refugees according to estimates.

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Palestinian refugees in Lebanon are experiencing rapidly deteriorating living conditions in Lebanon, the report continued, as a result of laws which prevent them from working and the decline in aid.

Hamas called on UNRWA, the Palestinian Authority, the Palestine Liberation Organisation and the Lebanese government to improve the general conditions of the Palestinian refugees coming from Syria to Lebanon at all levels including health, education and relief, and to provide them with legal and physical protection until they return to their camps.

It also called not to pressure the Palestinian refugees in Lebanon to return to their camps in Syria without ensuring their security.

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