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Lebanon court convicts Saudi prince who tried to smuggle drugs

March 29, 2019 at 4:52 am

Drugs and pills, 29 March 2019 [AFP/LOUAI BESHARA/Getty Images]

The Mount Lebanon Criminal Court issued a guilty verdict in the case of the Prince Abdul Muhsin bin Walid bin Abdul Muhsin bin Abdul Aziz for smuggling about two tonnes of Captagon drugs on his private jet while heading from Beirut to Saudi Arabia on 26 October 2015.

The Lebanese Court, headed by Judge Abdul Rahim Hamoud, and both Judge-counsellors, Rania Bishara and Sara Berresh, convicted the Saudi prince of drug possession and trafficking. The prince and Yahya Shaimi Al-Shammari were sentenced to 10 years of imprisonment with hard labour. However, it was then reduced to six years, and a 10 million Lebanese pounds fine, which is equal to about 15,000 dollars.

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According to Sputnik, the Criminal Court upheld a one-year prison term for each of the Saudi suspects Bandar Al-Sharaoui, Zied Al-Hakim and Mubarak Al-Harthy. They were also required to pay a 2 million Lebanese pounds fine, which is equal to $3,000.

The Court also sentenced the Lebanese fugitives Hassan Jafar, Ali Ismail and Marwan Kilani to penal servitude and fined each one of them 100 million Lebanese pounds, which is equal to  150,000 dollars, in addition to confiscating all of their lands and possessions.