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Sudan journalists reject new administrator of information ministry

Ousted Sudan President, Omar Al-Bashir [File photo]
Ousted Sudan President, Omar Al-Bashir [File photo]

The Network of Sudanese Journalists yesterday announced that it rejects naming Abdel-Majed Haron, an official in recently-deposed President Omar Al-Bashir’s party, to administer the country’s information ministry.

A statement issued by the Network – which is considered part of the Syndicate of Sudanese Professionals – said “we reject assigning Abdel-Majed Haron, a leader in the party of the ousted Omar Al-Bashir, to administer the information and communication ministry,” Anadolu reported.

The statement added: “This measure is considered a provocation of all the journalists and apostasy in the track of the victorious revolution.”

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It said that Haron was the “enemy” of freedom of expression during the reign of Al-Bashir and contributed to dismissing journalists from the parliament several times.

According to Al Jazeera, the military council ousted Haron in response to calls by the rebels. Haron is one of the leaders of Al-Bashir’s National Conference Party and held several positions, the last of which was spokesman of the parliament.

Sudan's military removes al-Bashir - Cartoon [Arabi21]

Sudan’s military removes al-Bashir – Cartoon [Arabi21]

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