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Egyptian presenter's mother collapses at Beirut Airport after officer insults her

Egyptian TV presenter Sally Abdal Salam and her mother [Twitter]
Egyptian TV presenter Sally Abdal Salam and her mother [Twitter]

TV presenter Sally Abdal Salam, told the details of her crisis at Beirut airport and asked for urgent interference from the Egyptian Embassy after her mother was insulted by an officer, reveals the website Albawaba.com 

Sally Abdalsalam appeared in multiple videos she posted to her Instagram, explaining what happened to her and her mother at Beirut airport, as they stayed in the waiting line for more than 3 hours, but the situation got more intense when an officer insulted her mother who cried by the difficult situation.

Abdul Salam and her mother sat on the bench, and the mother was clearly suffering, yet no doctor had been asked to care for her health.

In one of the videos, Sally asked for help from anyone in order to reach the Egyptian ambassador in Lebanon, and announced she did not want to enter the country again and wanted to return with her mother to Egypt, and that the officer took her passport, which prevented her from doing that.

The agitated TV presenter later insisted that she would not enter Lebanon again unless the officer apologizes, and revealed to her followers that he refused to apologize to the mother despite the intervention of the ambassador, the escalation of the situation and the attempts of the officials at the airport to contain him.

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Eventually, Sally filmed a video with her mother in the hotel room, thanking all of those who supported her during crisis, and those who saw what happened and told the truth about what the officer did to her mother, or even those who tried to support them with water bottles and Internet connection since it was not available on her phone.

The Egyptian Beauty stressed that she wanted to return to Egypt, but the Egyptian ambassador asked her to continue her work as usual in Lebanon.

Sally Abdel Salam is one of the TV presenters in the show “Kalam Nawaem”, and comes to Lebanon regularly for the shoot of the episodes.

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