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Sudanese oppositions boycott military Council talks

KHARTOUM, SUDAN - APRIL 21: Sudanese Professionals Association's (SPA) spokesman Mohamed al-Amin Abdulaziz addresses as Sudanese demonstrators gather in front of military headquarters during a demonstration after the call of SPA and Sudan’s “Change and Freedom” alliance, demanding a civilian transition government, in Khartoum, Sudan on April 21, 2019. ( Ömer Erdem - Anadolu Agency )

Sudanese opposition the Alliance of the Change and Freedom announced boycotting the talks with the military Council over the power shift to a civilian authority from the military, which ousted former president Omer Al-Bashir, Anadolu reports.

Sudanese Professional Association (SPA)’s chairman Mohamed Al-Amin Abdul Aziz said that the talks between the two sides have reached a deadlock.

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Addressing a political rally on Sudan, Abdul Aziz has accused the military Council or refusing to hand over the power to the civilians.

“Up from today we are against the military regime, we didn’t recognize this regime and we would face them as we consider them as a military coup that represents the old regime” he stressed.

Earlier, the chairman of the military Council Abdul Fatah Alburhan had pledged to hand over the power to civilians but asked the political parties to submit a clear proposal for a smooth transition.

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