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Defence minister: Lebanon will respond to any Israel attack

UNIFIL peacekeepers stand by at the Lebanon and Israel border [file photo]
UNIFIL peacekeepers stand by at the Lebanon and Israel border [Anadolu Agency]

Lebanese Defence Minister Elias Bou Saab warned on Wednesday that the Lebanese army will attack Ben Gurion International Airport in Tel Aviv if Israel attacks Beirut airport.

“If Israel bombs our airport, we will bomb its airport; if it strikes our oil facilities, we will strike its oil facilities,” Bou Saab told reporters during a visit to the UNIFIL headquarters in Naqoura, south of Lebanon.

However, the Lebanese minister ruled out the possibility of a looming war with Israel or any Israeli aggression against his country.

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Bou Saab on Wednesday led a delegation to the UNIFIL headquarters in Naqoura and visited areas along the Blue Line. The delegation met with UNIFIL Head of Mission and Force Commander Major General Stefano Del Col and was briefed on the situation in the area.

The Lebanese minister stressed the need for the Lebanese armed forces to strengthen their presence in the area in order to be able to control the entire region later, and deter any Israeli aggression on the border.

According to the minister,  as many as 5,000 Lebanese soldiers are currently stationed south of the Litani River, however, the number has to increase to at least 10,000 to maintain security and stability in the region.

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