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Jordan: Drug related crimes rise 287% in five years

Drugs and captagon pills seized by the Drug Enforcement Administration [AFP/LOUAI BESHARA/Getty Images]
Drugs and pills, 29 March 2019 [AFP/LOUAI BESHARA/Getty Images]

Recent reports found that drug-related crimes in Jordan increased by 287 per cent over the past five years, stating that the authorities recorded 18,400 such crimes in 2018, Assabeel reported yesterday.

A report based on information taken from the General Security Apparatus found that the number included 3,050 trade crimes and 15,365 crimes of using or owning drugs.

Sisterhood is Global Institute/Jordan (SIGI) said that drug-related crimes rose 31.9 per cent in 2018 compared to 2017, stating that 13,950 such crimes were recorded in 2017.

The institute said that the security could record more crimes thanks to the massive efforts and use of technology to search and track drugs and their traders, mainly at the Jordanian crossings.

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