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Yemeni journalists condemn inviting Israeli media staff to Bahrain

June 26, 2019 at 3:38 am

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In support for the decision of Palestine Journalists Syndicate, Yemen Journalists Syndicate condemned the invitation of Israeli journalists to cover Bahrain Conference, Tuesday, Anadolu reported.

“The Yemen Journalists Syndicate supports the stance of Palestine Journalists Syndicate which was aspired from the notion of protecting the nations’ freedom and dignity,” a statement reported by Anadolu said.

According to Anadolu, Palestine Journalists Syndicate described the invitation of the Israeli media delegation to Bahrain Conference as a “violation of the resolutions of the Union for Arab Journalists which criminalises all forms of normalisation with the occupation.”

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In its statement, the Yemeni syndicate said that it rejects the invitation of the Israeli journalists to cover the Bahrain Conference.

The syndicate condemned the Israeli dealing with the Palestinian cause as an economic issue at the time of ignoring the suffering and rights of a nation which is under occupation and needs to liberate itself and regain its homeland.

Meanwhile, the Syndicate included its voice to all the other syndicates which rejected the siege imposed on the Palestinians and aimed to starve them.

The Syndicate noted that Palestine is the only state on earth which is still occupied, referring this to the collusion of the world countries and the UN which runs the international bodies commissioned to protect human rights and international safety.