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PA: Israel has cancelled Areas A and B in Palestinian territories

The Israeli occupation demolished 16 residential buildings, including more than 100 apartments

July 23, 2019 at 1:33 pm

The Prime Minister of the Palestinian Authority said on Monday that the Israeli occupation authorities have basically cancelled the division of the occupied Palestinian territories into so-called Areas A and B, Safa news agency has reported. Mohammad Shtayyeh pointed out that most of the Palestinian buildings in Jerusalem’s Sur Baher, which were demolished on Monday, are located in these areas, which were delineated by the Oslo Accord 25 years ago.

Speaking during the weekly meeting of his government, Shtayyeh added that the PA would not deal with the Israeli divisions, citing Israel’s violation of international law and the agreements signed with the Palestinians. He pointed out that PA President Mahmoud Abbas has directed the Foreign Minister to add the Israeli demolition of Palestinian homes in Jerusalem to the case raised at the International Criminal Court.

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister condemned the remarks by US officials related to the Palestinian-Israeli struggle. Anyone who denies Israel’s violations against the Palestinians, he said, speaks about Israel’s “right” to annex the West Bank settlements, and claims that Israel is a victim, is committing a “dangerous” mistake.

“Such a person has no conscience if they can’t see the ugliness of the military occupation, theft of land and natural resources, human rights violations and racial discrimination,” said Shtayyeh. “Provocative remarks like these reflect the full support of the US administration to the right wing Israeli government, its settlement policy and its violations of agreements and international law.”

On Monday, the Israeli occupation demolished 16 residential buildings, including more than 100 apartments, in Wadi Hummus area in Jerusalem’s Sur Baher neighbourhood. The area is nominally under the PA’s administrative and security control.

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