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African Union mediation in Sudan: We refuse delay in signing constitutional declaration

August 1, 2019 at 3:55 am

African Union (AU) mediation in Sudan expressed on Wednesday its rejection of “any delay or procrastination in signing the document of the constitutional declaration.”

This came at a press conference held by the African Union’s Special Envoy to Sudan, Mohamed El Hassan Ould Labbat, in Khartoum, followed up by Anadolu Agency.

“The procrastination in the signing of the constitutional declaration, whether by the Military Council or the Forces of Declaration of Freedom and Change, may significantly affect the country, the region and Africa,” Ould Labbat explained.

He mentioned that the Joint Legal Technical Committee between the Military Council and the Forces of Change, preparing for the Political Declaration and it will hold another meeting on Wednesday evening.

Ould Labbat linked the start of direct meetings between the two negotiation delegations with the conclusion of the work of the Technical Committee, without specifying the time.

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“The prompt approval of the constitutional declaration will open wide doors to form a civil government headed by a personality that will be chosen by the Forces of Freedom and Change. It will also lead to the formation of a sovereign council by a majority of civilians,” the AU’s mediator added.

He also pointed out that the signing of the declaration “will pave the way for the formation of an independent committee to investigate the events of the breaking of the General Command’s sit-in on 3 June and other violations, and will contribute to the resolution of the economic situation in the country.”

Ould Labbat indicated that the provisions of the political declaration “include basic paragraphs for the achievement of peace and the resolution of the issue of marginalisation, which represents a deep crisis in the Sudanese problem.”

The AU’s Envoy considered that the completion of the work on the approval of the Constitutional Decree, “constitutes the most urgent need,” adding that “we call upon everyone to realise this urgency and its necessity that serves Sudan.”

The “Constitutional Declaration” will define the duties and responsibilities of the proposed Sovereign Council for the management of the Sudanese affairs during a transitional phase that will lead to elections.

In another context, Ould Labbat condemned the killing of students who took part in a peaceful protest march in El Obeid city last Monday.

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“We urgently demand that the perpetrators be arrested and brought to prompt trial so that they receive the penalty they deserve,” the AU’s mediator said.

Six protesters were killed, including four students, and 62 others were injured on Monday during the break of a student march in El Obeid in protest against the report of the Sudanese Truth Commission, according to latest statistics by the Central Committee of Sudan Doctors.

The Sudanese Military Council has been in power since 11 April when the army’s leadership ousted Omar Al-Bashir from the presidency (1989/2019) under pressure of popular protests denouncing the deteriorating economic conditions.

On 17 July, the Military Council and the Forces of Change signed a “political declaration” agreement on power-sharing during the transitional period.