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Algeria’s National Commission for Dialogue and Mediation demands dismissal of government

Flag of Algeria
Flag of Algeria [File photo]

Karim Younes, the coordinator of Algeria’s National Commission for Dialogue and Mediation, revealed a request submitted to President Abdelkader Bensalah to dismiss the government as part of the truce measures demanded by the majority of Algerians.

Younis said in a press conference on Thursday: “I am optimistic that we will get to meet the truce measures.” He reiterated his adherence to the demands the Commission earlier raised and noting that the Commission did not set a time limit to meet the increased demands.

He added: “We expect a positive reaction of the Authority regarding our demands, which reflect the opinion of the majority of Algerians. We are using all the available possibilities and waiting to meet the ambitions of Algerians to calm the situation.”

Younes stressed that the members of the National Commission for Dialogue and Mediation do not represent the popular movement, but express themselves and their consciences. He pointed out that university students have the right to reject dialogue, but not all students are against the pursuit of dialogue.

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Younes mentioned that in the upcoming days, the Wise Committee would be installed and a comprehensive dialogue will be launched to reach a consensual solution to solve the crisis.

“A national symposium is being prepared, following which the presidential election committee will be formed. This national symposium will determine the date of this election,” Younes added.

Chairman of the Political Committee of the National Commission for Dialogue and Mediation, Ammar Belhimer, said that the Commission does not have the right to interfere in the work of justice and comment on the provisions of the cases under investigation. He also announced the Commission’s rejection of the transitional formation stage and the application of the Libyan model by the vision of the transitional formation stage.

Fatiha Ben Abbou, a member of the Commission, called for referring back to the constitution to implement articles 7 and 8, which give the decision to the people to choose their representatives through the ballot boxes. He also said that the role of the members of the Commission is to listen to the people and write down their demands and then submitting them to the national symposium.

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