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Campaign to boycott Emirates airlines for violations in Yemen

September 4, 2019 at 12:02 am

Airbus A380 from Emirates Airlines [Wikipedia]

Yemeni and Arab activists and Twitter users have called for a boycott of Emirates airlines in protest and rejection of Abu Dhabi’s policies in recent years.

This came as part of an attempt by Yemenis to take popular steps to “penalise” the UAE, as a protest against the attacks it has undertaken.

Activists said that Emirates airlines constitute one of the sources of income for the UAE government. In turn, the UAE is spending billions of dollars on weapons and use them to bomb civilian areas.

Activists who participated in the boycotting campaign called for spreading it to all Arab countries.

The UAE faces numerous accusations of human rights violations in Yemen and numerous massacres by air bombing.

Several Yemeni cities have endured angry demonstrations, which included the burning of the UAE flag and demands to consider the UAE as an occupying state of their country that is trying to divide it into north and south areas.

The demonstrators called their leaders to expel the UAE forces participating as part of the Arab Coalition in their country as they are occupation forces.

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The demonstrators also called on the United Nations and international organisations to document and condemn the “war crimes” that the UAE and its mercenaries of the security belt militias committed against civilians and soldiers in the governorates of Aden and Abyan.

Yemeni journalists have previously announced quitting their jobs in UAE or Abu Dhabi-funded media outlets because of what they described UAE’s “suspicious agendas” against their country, its supporting behaviour of coup militias and its “treachery”.

The activists who called to boycott Emirates airlines launched two hashtags on social media sites, the first is “Boycotting Emirates airlines”, and the second is “Boycotting UAE products.”

Activists published photos of UAE products “invading Yemen’s markets” in an attempt to let the people know about them and direct them to boycott these products entirely.

Campaign participants also said the purchase of an aeroplane ticket from Emirates airlines is like taking part in the killing of Yemenisr.