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Death threats after Kuwait MP calls for expats to be charged for ‘air they breathe’

Kuwaiti MP Safaa Al-Hashim

Kuwaiti Member of Parliament Safaa Al-Hashim has filed a complaint with the General Directorate of Criminal Investigation to identify a person who threatened to kill her as a result of her calls for the imposition of fees on expatriates.

Al-Hashim told Al-Rai newspaper that she filed an official report with domestic intelligence agency mabahith to contact Facebook and identify trolls who have threatened her after she said fees should be imposed for any service that expatriates benefit from, saying that they should pay “even for the air they breathe”.

Al-Hashim added that this is the second time she has received death threats. Previously she came under attack after calling for expatriates to be charged for using roads in Kuwait. This intimidation led to Al-Hashim being put under 24 hour police protection for a period of six months.

She described the messages threatening her as having used “obscene language”, describing her potential murder, adding that there are those who are ready to take action against her.

Kuwait urges army vigilance against possible threats

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