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UAE accused of seeking to reproduce Yemeni scenario in Sudan

September 24, 2019 at 3:42 am

Mohamed Ali Al-Jazouli, the chairman of the State of Law and Development Party in Sudan [Twitter]

A Sudanese politician accused the UAE of seeking to re-enact the scenario of Yemeni separatist transitional council in Sudan through supporting demonstrations calling for secession as well as recruiting armed men.

The chairman of the State of Law and Development Party in Sudan, Mohamed Ali Al-Jazouli, declared through his Twitter account that marches in eastern Sudan were calling for secession following the movements of a tribal leader backed by the UAE.

He added that this leader has recently been present in the Eritrean capital Asmara during the graduation of recruit members of his tribe. He then travelled using an Eritrean passport to Abu Dhabi, where he stayed there and then marched calling for secession in his region started.

“What is the UAE up to in eastern Sudan, and are its agents in Khartoum aware of this?”, wondered the leader of the Sudanese party.

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He added: “Will the UAE re-enact the Yemeni scenario in Sudan, supporting revolutionary legitimacy in Khartoum, working against it in the east, South Kordofan, the Blue Nile and Darfur, and sharing roles with its loyalists here and there?”

Al-Jazouli described this situation as dangerous, calling for confronting what he called “the project of obliterating the identity and dividing Sudan”.

Last August, the UAE-backed forces of the Southern Transitional Council took control of interim capital Aden, which the legitimate government of Yemen considers a coup.

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Council forces are also controlling parts of southern governorates such as Dhale and Lahij, while they lost control of cities and towns in the oil-rich Shabwa and Abyan.

Abu Dhabi started supporting the council early in 2017 and recruited about 82,000 armed men who contributed to the coup in Aden. It has also endorsed demonstrations over the past two years calling for the secession of southern Yemen.