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Egyptian actor accuses Sisi of 'committing 5 crimes'

Egyptian actor, Amr Waked
Egyptian actor, Amr Waked

Egyptian actor, Amr Waked, who lives abroad accused Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi, yesterday, of “committing five crimes that incurred heavy losses.”

“Sisi has wasted Egypt’s sovereignty after ceding the Tiran and Sanafir islands and the construction of the Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, which threatens Egypt’s Nile water share,” Waked said on Twitter.

Egyptians, the actor pointed out, had lost their “basic rights during Sisi’s tenure.”

“The country has lost several national cadres as they were put in prison by the regime,” he added, noting that the North African country had gained “corruption and betrayal.”

Egyptians have protested for two weeks in a row as a series of videos released by the Egyptian business person Mohamed Ali unveiled widespread corruption in the top ranks of the Egyptian regime and the army which struck a nerve with Egyptians living under severe austerity.

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Ali called for a million-man march on Friday to demand that the general turned president, who has committed severe human rights abuses in the country, stand down.

In the lead up to the demonstrations, human rights watchdog Amnesty International called on world leaders to act to stop President Al-Sisi’s crackdown on protesters.

North Africa Campaigns Director at Amnesty, Najia Bounaim, said that the government was “clearly shaken to its core” by the demonstrations, and so was pursuing a further crackdown on activists, journalists and former detainees.

Al-Sisi’s regime has gone to great lengths to curb the protests, including labelling them “lies” and “slander”.

According to figures compiled by the Egyptian Coordination for Rights and Freedoms, over 2,350 people were arrested in the space of two weeks.

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