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Muslim Brotherhood holds Egyptian authorities responsible for General Guide’s life

November 1, 2019 at 3:16 am

Image of Muslim Brotherhood member, Mohammad Badi in court in Cairo, Egypt on 24 November 2016 [Moustafa Elshemy/Anadolu Agency]

The General Guide’s daughter confirmed that her father has been sleeping in a solitary cell on a concrete floor without any blanket in winter.

The Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood has held the Egyptian authorities fully responsible for the life of General Guide Mohammed Badie (76 years). It stressed that his health is seriously deteriorating because of what it described as the continuing torture in his solitary confinement, deprivation of various means of life, the prevention of visits for him for four consecutive years, in addition to his prevention from meeting his lawyer.

In a statement on Thursday, the Muslim Brotherhood called on regional and international human rights and legal institutions to take prompt action to stop “the slow killing of the General Guide, who is sentenced to imprisonment in fabricated cases amounted to 250 years, and to take what his daughter published on her Facebook page and his lawyers’ reports about the deterioration of his health condition into consideration to carry out their responsibilities and act promptly to save him from the danger of death.”

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The Muslim Brotherhood also called for action to stop “what the rest of the detainees abducted in Tora Prison, Scorpion Prison and all prisons are being subjected to, including the abuses against their humanity and the endangerment of their lives, amid a total blackout on their news and their health conditions, similar to the scenario that has been implemented with the martyred President Mohamed Morsi, and the martyred former General Guide Mohammed Mahdi Akef.”

The group called on the United Nations – with all its concerned organisations and all human rights advocates in the world – to “put an end to the humiliation inside the Egyptian prisons and the immediate release of all detainees after the brutal military coup as their most basic right.”

“These crimes, which are secretly committed against innocent people without action from every responsible person to stop them, will not be dropped by obsolescence, and their perpetrators will not evade the fair trial before the just courts in the world and the punishment of Allah, the mighty avenger, in the hereafter.”