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Egypt newspaper editor calls Brotherhood, Jews and Shia ‘trinity of evil’

Youm7's editor has written a very biased editorial which has received backlash on social media

The editor of the Egyptian state-run Youm7 has written an editorial calling the Brotherhood, the Jews and the Shia “the trinity of evil in the world”.

In the article Dandrawy Elhawary says:

There is no catastrophe in the world right now that isn’t related to one of these evils: the Jewish lobby, the Muslim Brotherhood terrorist group, and the Shia with their extremist and armed wings.

“Recall this when told regime promotes religious tolerance,” Timothy Kaldas wrote on Twitter in response to the article.

Despite the fact that President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi says he promotes peaceful coexistence between religious communities, Christians in Egypt have faced an unprecedented level of persecution since he rose to power in 2014.

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Mob attacks are carried out against Christians particularly in the south of the country yet despite being prewarned, authorities are not doing enough to protect them. The absence of accountability has encouraged more attacks.

In August Egypt authorities enforced a presidential decree to demolish a Sufi mosque in Alexandria it alleged was built on state owned land without a license.

The president used religion to justify its destruction: “Prophet Mohammed would not accept the suspension of the project just because people see the demolition of the mosque as unacceptable.”

Shortly after his rise to power Al-Sisi designated the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organisation and subjected its members to a severe crackdown, including imprisoning and sentencing to death its members.

The majority of Egypt’s blasphemy charges have been issued against Christians, Shias and atheists.

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