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Exclusive: UAE to reduce Morocco police officers, replace with Bangladeshis

January 2, 2020 at 5:00 pm

An anonymous source close to law enforcement in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi has exclusively informed MEMO that Deputy Prime Minister Mansour bin Zayed has ordered the reduction of Moroccans serving in the Emirati police force from 916 to an estimated 600 and for them to be replaced with Bangladeshis.

The decision comes at a time of deteriorating relations between Rabat and Abu Dhabi, especially as the two nations do not meet eye to eye in regards to the conflict in Libya.

Whilst the UAE along with Saudi and Egypt are in support of the General Khalifa Haftar – the UN-recognised government, based in the capital Tripoli enjoys the support of Morocco.

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The Kingdom also played a key role in hosting and drafting the 2015 UN Agreement in Skhirat. Going against the position of the UAE, Morocco has also opted for a position of neutrality in the on-going Gulf blockade against Qatar.

Earlier last year, Rabat had accused Riyadh and Abu Dhabi of sabotage in the Kingdom when a documentary was aired against Morocco’s position in its regional conflict over Western Sahara, resulting in Morocco recalling its ambassadors to both countries.

It has been speculated that an additional reason could be the fact that the government in Morocco is seen as pro-Islamist in comparison to the Emirati authorities and the lower labour rates of employing Bangladeshis, whose government is secular.

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