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Egypt using fake electricity meter readings to overcharge users

Electricity power lines [Paulnasca/Wikipedia]
Electricity power lines, 26 September 2017 [Paulnasca/Wikipedia]

Lawmaker Ahmed Ali Ibrahim of the Free Egyptians Party said yesterday that fake readings from electricity meters have been causing serious economic burdens for thousands of Egyptians.

Speaking during a session of the Energy and Environment Committee, Ibrahim said thousands of citizens have been complaining about receiving exaggerated electricity bills for domestic use, explaining that the high consumption readings move the citizens to higher categories where electricity, water and gas prices are dearer.

According to the lawmaker, only 6,000 field employees are responsible for recording meter readings measuring electricity consumption for about 33 million subscribers who receive service from nine major electricity distribution companies.

Ibrahim said in many cases, those employees do not record all readings and give false readings.

The Egyptian lawmaker called on the ministry of energy to develop new mechanism to collect the electricity consumption readings that do not prejudice the citizens' rights.

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