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Al-Sadr announces halt of resistance against US in Iraq

Iraqi Shia Cleric, Muqtada Al-Sadr, announced on Friday a "temporary halt" of resistance against the US occupation in Iraq, in an endeavour to avoid leading the country to war, Arabi21.com reported.

After thousands of Iraqis had taken to the streets against the US occupation in response to his call, Al-Sadr affirmed: "We will do our best to prevent taking Iraq to another possible war."

He called for the Iraqi government to take several measures in order to end the foreign existence in Iraq.

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"We will exhaust all peaceful means in order to obtain a schedule for the exit of the occupation forces," Al-Sadr disclosed in a statement, calling for the government to close all the US military bases and the head offices of foreign companies in Iraq.

Al-Sadr also called for the government to close the airspace to the "occupation's intelligence and war planes", and demanded cancelling all security deals and for the neighbouring countries not to interfere with Iraq's treatment of the occupation if it does not leave the country.

Meanwhile, he requested protection for the diplomatic missions and their employees, as well as to punish anyone who may attack them.

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