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20 years in prison for Egyptians who issued false death certificate 

Egyptian prisoners [File photo]
Egyptian prisoners [File photo]

Two Egyptian paramedics were sentenced to 20 years in prison each, after writing a false medical report for a cancer patient to be used to issue a false death certificate, RT reported.

According to Al-Sharq newspaper, RT reported that the death certificate for the woman, who is still alive, was issued in May 2018.

It is alleged that the husband of the victim claimed that his wife, who is a cancer patient, died during a medical test and obtained false medical reports to prove this, in order to obtain a death certificate.

Later on, work colleagues of the husband saw his wife and reported this to the inspector of the Ministry of Health, who filed complaints against two paramedics involved in writing the false medical report indicating her death.

All names are being kept undisclosed, but the motive behind this was reported that the husband attempted to avoid repaying a high amount of debts.

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