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Death of detainee Mousaad Al-Baali due to medical neglect

Detainee Mousaad Al-Baali died after being transferred to Al-Sadat Hospital in Menoufia Governorate, due to the deterioration of his health condition as a result of deliberate medical neglect.

Activists said that the hospital administration was intransigent in handing over Al-Baali's corpse to his family, claiming that no orders had been received to do so.

His family launched a distress call to save Al-Baali's life, after his health deteriorated while being detained in facility in Tora prison, as he suffered from C virus infection in his final days.

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In 2014, Al-Baali was sentenced to 15 years in prison in the case known to media as the fire of the Ismailia Courts Complex.Al-Baali worked first as a teacher in Hassan Ghonaimi commercial school, in addition to being a former member of the Trade Union Committee for Teachers in Tell El Kebir, Ismailia Governorate.

Prisoners of conscious in Egypt suffer from deteriorating health conditions and deliberate medical neglect. Human rights organisations have criticised the inhumane conditions of detainees, as the authorities are accused of slowly killing their political oppositionists.

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