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Lebanon’s Hezbollah MP slams US interference in Bank of Lebanon

The Central Bank of Lebanon [Karan Jain/Flickr]
The Central Bank of Lebanon [Karan Jain/Flickr]

A member of the Hezbollah Parliamentary bloc, Hassan Fadlallah, has slammed the American interference in the appointment of a governor for the Central Bank of Lebanon.

Fadlallah said the US ambassador in Beirut has visited a number of officials and notified them of Washington’s candidate to replace the current governor and requested his appointment as part of its share in the country’s financial and monetary management.

“This is an open attack on Lebanon’s sovereignty and independent decision,” he said, adding that the US insistence to impose state officials on the Lebanese people, constitutes a blatant violation of the national decision and a crude intervention in Lebanon’s sovereign affairs.

He called on the Lebanese government to address such breaches of national sovereignty and demanded a clear and transparent mechanism be adopted for new appointments based on qualifications and away from political calculations and American pressure.

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