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Israel eying post-corona global instability to increase sales of surveillance systems

May 14, 2020 at 4:28 pm

Elbit Systems, Israeli surveillance software, 6 December 2017 [Tangopaso/Wikipedia]

Israel is vigorously seeking out international clients for its defence exports as countries around the world battle to contain the coronavirus outbreak.

Its Defence Ministry is said to be prowling the globe in an effort to increase its export of military technology including systems for tracking civilians.

A request has been issued to Israeli manufacturers to provide business intelligence on how to meet the public security needs of various countries around the world. “All countries of the world, apart from states that are forbidden to trade with (Iran, Lebanon, Syria),” are potential clients the ministry’s International Defence Cooperation Directorate (SIBAT) is reported to have said in its request.

Part of the proposals has to do with meeting the growing security needs of governments around the world. The suggestion is that the coronavirus outbreak will increase widespread protests, potentially destabilising some regimes. Israel needs to take advantage of such situations and be on the front line to sell its latest technology to clamp down on dissent.

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According to the Haaretz “companies who make bids will be asked to provide information on target countries’ needs for biometric measures, systems for tracking people and vehicles and face recognition systems as well as systems for recognizing voices, images, license plates, cellular geolocation measures, intelligence cybersecurity systems and software for blocking or intercepting information online.”

The Defence Ministry is also prowling to see which country is looking to increase its military arsenal. In addition providing an analysis of the security needs of target countries, companies are being asked to create “country files” that will be updated several times a year, containing details of threats and vulnerabilities to the government.

Over the years Israel has acquired a global reputation for being the go to place for dictators and tyrants searching for the latest technology in the art of repression.