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Saudi Arabia welcomes investigation into trainee who killed US sailors

Naval air station, Pensacola, Florida, US [Twitter]
Naval air station, Pensacola, Florida, US [Twitter]

Saudi Arabia yesterday welcomed yesterday welcomed the result of an investigation into an armed attack carried out by Saudi Air Force trainee Muhammad Al-Shamrani who killed three American sailors at the Pensacola Air Base in Florida in December 2019.

On Monday, the FBI and Justice Department revealed that Al-Shamrani had significant ties to Al-Qaeda.

US Attorney General William Barr told reporters that the Justice Department has succeeded in unlocking the encryption on Al-Shamrani’s iPhone after months of trying, adding that the information obtained from the mobile proved to be “invaluable”.

The Saudi embassy in Washington said in a statement that the kingdom is committed to cooperating with US authorities, providing support and coordination to “protect American and Saudi citizens”.

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The embassy added that the military training provided by the United States to Saudi military personnel has enabled Saudi soldiers, pilots and sailors “to fight against common enemies”.

“Our close cooperation in the field of intelligence and counter-terrorism has saved lives in the United States, the Kingdom, and elsewhere. There is no doubt that it has made the world a safer place,” the statement read.

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