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Will Netanyahu accomplish what Ben-Gurion couldn’t?

June 16, 2020 at 6:18 pm

Israeli Declaration of Independence [Israeli Government Press Office/Wikipedia]

An Israeli newspaper said that the countdown to the implementation of the plan to annex the West Bank and the Jordan Valley has already begun, explaining that the Israeli security services are preparing to count the Palestinian residents located in the areas covered by Trump’s plan and which will supposedly fall under Israeli sovereignty. It also reported that the government is seeking to effectively freeze the size of the current population in order to prevent the flow of Palestinians to the areas before they are transferred to Israeli sovereignty.

The Zionist plan to annex the lands of the West Bank and the Jordan Valley completely ends the project of the planned Palestinian state and opens Jordan up to dangers on the security level and population management level, which Israel wants to palce on Jordan’s shoulders.

There is no doubt that this escalation on Israel’s part indicates that Netanyahu is proceeding with the implementation of the Trump plan laid out by his Zionist son-in-law Jared Kushner, with his Zionist Arab allies in Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Egypt. He is indifferent to the catastrophic repercussions of this foolish step, which will inevitably lead to a clash with Jordan. This prompted Jordan’s King Abdullah II to launch a violent attack on the Zionist government, issuing fiery statements warning against taking this step. He began contacting European countries and some Zionist political forces in the occupation state to create an international anti-annexation front in order to pressure the US on the one hand and Netanyahu on the other. This is in addition to the dangerous domestic repercussions it will have on the occupation, including the outbreak of a third intifada that no one knows the duration of or its consequences.

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It may cost the occupation not only its stability, but also its very existence. I am not exaggerating by saying this, as its foolish decision may hasten the day of separation and salvation. It may be the spark that causes the eruption of the volcano in the Palestinians’ soul and which ignites the earth under their feet, burning everything in its way and no one can extinguish it with delusional peace agreements. The Palestinians have learned the lesson of the ill-fated Oslo Accords.

I will not say that this foolish step would completely destroy the false peace process between the Palestinians and Israel because the Israelis never recognised peace. In truth, there has never been actual peace on the ground, but rather agreements put in place as a formality to beautify the Zionist enemy’s image before the world and fool the Arabs. The cursed Oslo Accords were the curtain that hid the ugly racist face of Israel and behind which it was able to take from the Palestinians what it was not able to take in its previous wars, not only by usurping more Palestinian land, but the state of stability that it ended after the Oslo Accords once the uprisings against it were extinguished and they killed the spirit of resistance within the Palestinian people. They removed the clause of armed struggle being the means to liberate Palestine from the river to the sea from their charter and coordinated security matters with the collusive Palestinian Authority, which worked for Israel instead of for the Palestinian people.

The PA thwarts resistance operations and arrests resistance heroes, reporting them to the Israeli security authorities. In addition to this, there is a state of Arab keenness to normalise relations with the Zionist enemy. Netanyahu said that Israel is living its best situation today with the friendly Arab countries, forming a united force against terrorism.

The annexation project is set to be presented to the Knesset in early July despite the lack of consensus within the institutions themselves. The occupation army and the security agency along with the lobby formed by retired military officers in Israel and a number of politicians, MKs and parties reject the annexation. There are many measures taking place to hinder the government’s approach, on the part of the prime minister, to move forward with this step despite the Israeli assessments.

Former Israeli Defence Minister Avigdor Lieberman stated that Netanyahu is working to implement the annexation decision to serve his personal interests. We see that Netanyahu wants his name to be ranked high with the names of the Zionists who went down in history and contributed to the success of the Zionist movement from its inception. He wants his name to be above Ben-Gurion’s, especially since he passed the law regarding the Jewishness of the state. However, he is also implementing the annexation based on a purely Zionist vision of aspiring to expand in all of historical Palestine and in the neighbouring Arab territories.

Will Netanyahu achieve his dream and achieve what Ben-Gurion could not?

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