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Algeria: Consultations to amend the constitution are ongoing

Consultations to amend the Algerian constitution are ongoing and the past three months of debate have produced more than 1,500 proposals to amend the new constitution, most of which centered around 60 points that constitute the core of the document.

The Algerian authority aspires to come out with a constitution that protects the principle of balance between the three legislative, executive and judicial authorities, in accordance with the nature of the new political regime.

Two major issues are still being discussed: the army's involvement in foreign policies and the allocation of the position of vice president.

An Algerian Constitution was first adopted by a referendum in 1963, following the Algerian War of Independence.

The constitutional amendment process is part of the successive political developments in Algeria since 2 April, 2019, after removing President Abdelaziz Bouteflika from office following popular protests against his rule.

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