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Joint List tells EU to suspend ties with Israel if it annexes West Bank 

July 1, 2020 at 5:07 pm

Members of Joint Arab list (L-R) Mtanes Shehadeh, Yousef Jabareen, Ayman Odeh, Mansour Abbas and Ahmad Tibi [MEMO]

The Joint List is urging the European Union (EU) to suspend its ties with Israel if it annexes large parts of the occupied Palestinian West Bank, reported the Times of Israel.

In the letters addressed to senior EU officials, including foreign policy chief Josep Borrell and European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, the Joint List party – which has 15 members voted into the Knesset – called on the EU to “seriously examine all options and make it clear that it will suspend the EU-Israel Association Agreement should Israel fail to declare that it has permanently abandoned its expansionist aims.”

The Joint List also urged the EU to encourage member states to recognise the state of Palestine based on the 967 borders. “Such a step would express strong support for Israelis and Palestinians striving for reconciliation,” the party explained.

Opposition to US President Donald Trump’s Middle East ‘peace proposal’, which Israel regards as a green light for annexation, is expressed as the letter added, Israel plans to annex “over 40% of the West Bank.”

Under Trump’s ‘peace proposal’ which was unveiled in January, it is envisaged that the United States would recognise the Jewish settlements – built on occupied Palestinian land – as part of Israel.

Palestinian leaders have completely rejected the initiative.

The Joint List also proposed “full implementation of the policy of differentiation between Israel and the settlements in all businesses.” The letter states,“These steps will make significant progress toward rectifying grave injustices committed toward the Palestinian people and moving Israel and Palestine toward peace.”

Israel’s annexation plan has been met with disapproval from the international community.

Last week, more than 1,000 elected officials from 25 European countries signed a letter opposing Israel’s plan which was due to be implemented from today.

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