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Israel thought to be behind another explosion in Iran

July 20, 2020 at 3:49 pm

An explosion took place in Iran on 9 July 2020 [Twitter]

An explosion at a power station in Iran’s Isfahan Province yesterday has prompted speculation about its cause. There have been a number of mysterious blasts damaging Iranian infrastructure in recent weeks.

The managing director of Isfahan’s electricity company, Said Mohseni, told state-run IRNA news agency that the blast was caused when a “worn out transformer… at Isfahan’s Islamabad thermal power plant exploded at around 5am” on Monday. There were no reported casualties.

Two hours after the explosion, the facility returned to normal work, with Isfahan’s power supply continuing uninterrupted. “The damaged equipment is being repaired and replaced,” Mohseni added.

Although the blast was dismissed by Iran as the result of faulty equipment and technical difficulties, that claim has been called into question, with speculation that Israel is behind this and earlier attacks.

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The first major explosion occurred on 2 July in Natanz, when a nuclear facility was severely damaged. A series of other explosions followed.

It was revealed to the New York Times via anonymous sources that Israel was behind the explosions using explosive devices and cyberattacks. Iran denied such claims, however, before being hit by another explosion in an area of the capital Tehran a week later. The government denied that the incident actually happened.

Following the previous blasts this month, anonymous American officials revealed to the New York Times that the US and Israel have been developing a shared strategy to counter and hinder Iran’s nuclear programme. Key Iranian military figures are also being targeted for assassination, apparently.

Despite denying the revelations of Israeli cyberattacks and claiming technical malfunctions, Iran warned that if it is proven that an Israeli cyberattack was behind the explosion at Natanz, it would retaliate appropriately.

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