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Libya: Warring parties agree to immediate ceasefire

October 24, 2020 at 1:45 pm

UN Deputy Special Representative for Political Affairs in Libya, Stephanie Williams on February 16, 2020 in Munich, Germany [Abdulhamid Hoşbaş/Anadolu Agency]

The Libyan factions signed a permanent ceasefire agreement on Friday, after five days of talks sponsored by the United Nations (UN) in Geneva.

The United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) stated on its Facebook page: “The talks of the 5 + 5 Joint Military Committee in Geneva today culminate in a historic achievement as Libyan teams reach a permanent ceasefire. This achievement is an important turning point towards peace and stability in Libya.”

The mission aired a live broadcast of the signing ceremony on its Facebook page.

Head of the UNSMIL Stephanie Williams confirmed that the agreement, which will take effect immediately, “does not apply to terrorist groups designated by the United Nations,” adding that the accord binds all military units on the battlefronts to return to their barracks.

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Williams added: “The agreement stipulated that all mercenary groups leave the Libyan territory within three months starting from today.”

The UN official indicated that the two parties to the conflict requested the agreement to be submitted to the UN Security Council to adopt a resolution binding all parties to a permanent ceasefire.

Williams confirmed that the members of the 5 + 5 Committee showed a commitment to work together to reach an accord that serves the interests of the Libyan people, and that the upcoming meetings will discuss the unification of the Libyan military institutions.