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Turkey evacuates largest military base in Syria

Members of Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) in Turkey's Operation Peace Spring in Syria on 15 October 2019 [Behçet Alkan/Anadolu Agency]
Members of Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) in Syria on 15 October 2019 [Behçet Alkan/Anadolu Agency]

Turkish forces have evacuated their largest military base in Syria's north-eastern province of Idlib, Germany's DPA reported on Monday.

"Convoys carrying military personnel and equipment were seen leaving the Morek base in the northern Hama countryside," explained the agency.

Morek was one of 12 Turkish posts established in the region to monitor a fragile ceasefire in the nine-year-old conflict. Last year, the base was encircled by Russian-backed forces loyal to Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad.

According to Reuters, Turkish forces have been consolidating their positions in the remaining posts across the region.

Under May's ceasefire agreement brokered by Turkey and Russia, the forces were meant to create a security corridor on both sides of the M4 highway, which runs east-west through Idlib. Turkish and Russian troops have been involved in joint patrols along the road.

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