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Hamas criticises Fatah for resuming security cooperation with Israel

November 25, 2020 at 9:42 am

Hamas yesterday criticised  its rival Fatah movement after it decided to resume security cooperation with the Israeli occupation.

On Facebook, Hamas official spokesman Abul-Latif Al-Qanou wrote: “Palestinians do not trust the party which undermines their institutions,” referring to Fatah’s disregard for the Palestinian National Council (PNC)’s decision to stop security cooperation with Israel.

Al-Qanou said that “personal interests and individual decisions far from the national consensus” led to ignoring the official Palestinian institutions and resuming security cooperation with Israel.

“Therefore, this party, which does not respect the decisions of the PNC and ignores the institutional political action sends a message to the Palestinians that their institutions are marginalised and are unable to protect its decisions.”

He stressed that this situation “pushes the Palestinian factions to insist on protecting the Palestinian institutions and immunising them against the villains.”

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“The one who undermines the Palestinian institutions is the one who undermines the Palestinians’ interests and the Palestinian reconciliation,” he continued, noting that Hamas sought “political, strategic and national partnership with Fatah to reorganise the internal Palestinian home and face off challenges.”

This, he is, is why Hamas has insisted on reforming the PLO and all of its institutions.