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Hamas condemns Israel's detention of its leaders in West Bank

The Palestinian Resistance Movement Hamas on Friday condemned Israel's detention campaign targeting its senior leaders in the occupied West Bank, a statement announced.

"The Israeli detention campaign targeted senior leaders who reiterated that the national partnership and unity are the bases for the confrontation of the occupation and its plans," the statement read.

It added: "Hamas' leaders and members will remain at the forefront, defending the principles of the Palestinians."

The statement noted that most Hamas leaders had spent tens of years inside Israeli occupation jails: "And remained steadfast in their positions regarding the resistance of the occupation."

Hamas hailed the Palestinians, who keep confronting the Israeli occupation in the occupied West Bank, stressing that their actions against the occupation reflect the will of the Palestinians to adhere to resistance as the most effective choice to withstand the occupation.

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On Friday at dawn, Israel occupation forces carried out a wide-scale detention campaign against Hamas leaders in the occupied West Bank city of Jenin.

The most prominent Hamas leaders in Jenin, Abdul-Jabbar Jarrar and Ibrahim Nawahdeh, were among the detainees.

Rights groups say that there are 4,500 Palestinians inside Israeli jails, including 40 women and around 170 children, in addition to approximately 370 under administrative detention.

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