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2 more escaped Palestine prisoners found, rearrested

September 11, 2021 at 11:46 am

Israeli security forces take a Palestinian inmate into custody, one of the 6 escapees from Gilboa prison, after being arrested in Umm al-Ghanam town, Israel on September 11, 2021 [Israeli Police / Anadolu Agency]

Two additional Palestinian prisoners who escaped from Gilboa Prison last week have been found in Jabal Al-Tur, east of Nazareth, and were rearrested in the early hours of Saturday morning, Israeli media reported.

According to Israeli media, the two were identified as Zakaria Zubeidi, commander of Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, and Mohammed Al-Arida, the younger brother of Mahmoud Al-Arida, who was rearrested just hours earlier.

Four of the six Palestinian prisoners who fled the Israeli prison of Gilboa on Monday have been rearrested, and the search for the remaining two escaped prisoners is still ongoing.

The Times of Israel reported that Zubeidi briefly tried to escape during the arrest operation but did not succeed.

The arrests of Zubeidi and Al-Arida came just hours after two other escapees were arrested in the Israeli town of Nazareth.

The previous two were identified as Yaquob Qadiri and Mahmoud Al-Arida, both from the Islamic Jihad Movement, according to Israeli police.

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