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UK Palestinians renew their commitment to the right of return

Palestinians come together during an event hosted by Palestinian Forum in Britain in London

October 25, 2021 at 9:25 am

Palestinians in the UK renewed their dedication to the right of return, support for the Palestinian people and the preservation of national identity in an event in London yesterday.

Hundreds of people came together to take part in the first event organised by the Palestinian Forum in Britain (PFM) for over 18 months.

The participants expressed their support for Palestine, pride in their heritage, showcased the dabke, Palestinian food and clothes and highlight the country’s traditions.

Adnan Hmidan, deputy head of the PFB, said: “This social gathering of the Palestinian Forum in Britain comes after a break of more than a year and a half due to the pandemic where there were no gatherings or meetings except for the protest against the aggression inflicted on Jerusalem and Gaza, where half a million demonstrators took to the streets of London.”

“Here is the gathering with the flavour of musakhan and the aroma of sage and the atmosphere of the Palestinian heritage in all its details, from folk dances to national songs, embroidery and national clothes, this is a history and a past that we cherish, and a nation that does not care about its past does not deserve the future.”

Here the young and old meet to take on the cause generation after generation and to swear an oath of loyalty to Palestine.

The meeting included stalls selling Palestinian clothes, traditional foods and sweets prepared by Palestinian and Arab families, and a heritage exhibition, during which many traditional paintings and handicrafts were displayed in addition to knafeh.

Palestinian artist from the Syrian refugee camp, Rabi Rizk, also sang songs of return and commitment to his identity and land.

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