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Arab states condemn Houthis’ seizure of UAE-flagged ship

January 4, 2022 at 11:25 am

A Saudi border guard watches as he stands in a boat off the coast of the Red Sea on Saudi Arabia’s maritime border with Yemen, near Jizan [File photo, Faisal Al Nasser / Reuters]

A number of Arab states and the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) yesterday condemned the seizure of a UAE-flagged cargo ship heading to the Saudi port of Jizan by Yemen’s Houthis.

The vessel had set sail from the Yemeni Red Sea Island of Socotra when it was intercepted.

The Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs condemned the “Houthi militia’s hijacking of the UAE-flagged cargo”, adding that “such terrorist operations pose a real threat to freedom of navigation” and calling for the “immediate release of the ship”.

The Ministries of Foreign Affairs of Jordan and Bahrain also condemned “in the strongest terms” the ship’s exposure to “piracy and hijacking”.

The OIC’s General Secretariat also called for “the immediate release of the ship”.

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister of the internationally recognised Yemeni government, Maeen Abdul-Malik, described the incident as “piracy, hijacking and a serious threat to international navigation”.

Earlier yesterday, Yemen’s Houthis captured a UAE-flagged cargo vessel which they said was engaged in “hostile acts”.

The Houthis’ military spokesman, Yahya Sarea confirmed the seizure of the vessel which he said was carrying military equipment and engaged in “hostile acts targeting the security and stability of the Yemeni people” explaining that the crew, “of different nationalities”, were still on board.

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