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Gaza: father of murdered professor calls for death penalty for Mossad killer

January 10, 2022 at 11:09 am

Assassinated Palestinian lecturer Fadi Al-Batsh [Twitter]

The father of a Palestinian professor assassinated by Israel’s Mossad spy agency has called for the death penalty for his son’s killer. Mohammad Al-Batsh made the calls after further details of his son’s murder were revealed by the ministry of the interior in the Gaza Strip.

Palestinian scientist Dr Fadi Al-Batsh was killed in Malaysia on 21 April, 2018, where he was a professor at Kuala Lumpur University. Although the assassination was planned by Mossad, the ministry said that a Palestinian man from Gaza was involved in the killing.

According to the official statement, the man in question returned to the Gaza Strip some time ago. No details were provided about when or how; it was only explained that he has been detained by the Internal Security Services for four months.

“He acknowledged that he was one of four assassins who were involved in the Mossad operation in Malaysia,” said the ministry. One of the other assassins, he is reported to have said, was from an Arab state, which was not named. The others were neither Palestinians nor Arabs.

The unnamed man also confessed that he has worked for the Israeli occupation intelligence agencies since 1996. He claimed to have carried out several missions for Mossad inside and beyond Palestine.

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