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Tunisia president warns of attempts to overthrow the state 

November 18, 2022 at 9:40 am

Tunisians gather for a demonstration with the call of the National Liberation Front, consisting of opposition politicians to protest against the administration of President Kais Saied at the Habib Bourguiba Street in Tunis, Tunisia on October 15, 2022. [Yassine Gaidi – Anadolu Agency]

Tunisian President Kais Saied yesterday warned of attempts by some parties to overthrow the state, and asserted that whoever does this is deluded, adding that their place is in garbage containers.

During a meeting with the Minister of Environment Leila Chikhaoui, Saied ordered the minister to take immediate measures to end what he described as an “environmental disaster” in Sfax in cooperation with the responsible parties.

Saied warned of means used by some parties to inflame the situation in the country, noting that the accumulation of garbage in Sfax created an additional environmental problem and exacerbated the disastrous environmental situation there.

He emphasised the country’s unity, noting that the independence of some local groups does not affect the unity of Tunisia, and equality must be achieved for everyone to the public interest.

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