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Turkiye summons Swedish ambassador over 'terrorist propaganda' in Stockholm

Swedish Ambassador Staffan Herrström [Facebook/Staffan Herrström]
Swedish Ambassador Staffan Herrström [Facebook/Staffan Herrström]

The Turkish foreign ministry yesterday summoned Swedish Ambassador Staffan Herrström for discussions after images insulting President Recep Tayyip Erdogan were projected onto Turkiye's embassy building in Stockholm.

Diplomatic sources have reported that a group linked to the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) — designated by Turkiye and others as a terrorist organisation — had staged a protest in front of the embassy in Stockholm and projected what Ankara described as "terrorism propaganda, and insulting content about Erdogan" onto the official building.

The ministry in Ankara demanded an "investigation into the incident" and called on Sweden "to take concrete steps against groups that Turkiye considers to be security threats." It stressed that. "Turkiye expects Sweden to track down those responsible for the action."

In June, Turkiye, Sweden and Finland signed an agreement as the latter two wish to join NATO, of which Turkiye is a member whose approval of the application is required. Under the agreement, the two Nordic countries pledged to cooperate with Ankara in combating terrorist organisations.

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